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S1 E8: Following Intuition & Ditching Perfectionism – Season One Round-up with Kelly Marie Peck

Wild Souls Podcast - Following Intuition & Ditching Perfectionism
Wild Souls Podcast
Wild Souls Podcast
S1 E8: Following Intuition & Ditching Perfectionism - Season One Round-up with Kelly Marie Peck

In this final episode of season one of Wild Souls Podcast I talk all about how this pod feels like a beautiful & flowing creative project free from the shackles of perfectionism.

I cover how listening to an intuitive pang led me on the path to becoming a podcast host including…

✧ Honouring the call to begin this project, despite it not being the ‘right’ logical time at all.

✧ How intuition feels when it shows up in this way & the beauty of allowing mine to continue to guide me subtly.

✧ How Wild Souls Podcast has naturally aligned with a podcast idea I had for quite some time.

✧ The lessons of ditching perfectionism that have come.

✧ The irony of ‘she talks too much’ being included on my early school reports, in light of talking now being part of what ‘I do’ for a living.

✧ An overview of & gratitude to season one’s inspiring guests.

✧ Honouring the current cycle I am in, my journey into Motherhood & offerings to draw upon whilst I’m taking a digital break.

❥ Links…

The Cyclical Living Guide – a monthly email with content curated to help you attune to your natural rhythms.

Cyclical Magic: next workshop May 2023. Early bird waitlist offer – get 10% off when doors open.

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❥ Your Host

Kelly Marie Peck is a Trauma-informed Cyclical Living & Embodiment Mentor who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, & embodying their unique blend of magic. Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, & embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with & heal themselves.

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Wild Souls Word – beautifully wild words on working with the cycles of nature, becoming more aware of energy, honouring all parts of ourselves, & bringing intuition into our every day.

Wildly Embodied Telegram Community – an intimate space for us to come together to explore the magic of energetics, work with nature’s cycles, lean into our intuition & root ourselves in love.

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