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S1 E7: Living Alternatively & Creating a Nature-Inspired Life with Adam Peck & Kelly Marie Peck

Wild Souls Podcast - S1 E7 Living Alternatively & Creating a Nature-Inspired Life
Wild Souls Podcast
Wild Souls Podcast
S1 E7: Living Alternatively & Creating a Nature-Inspired Life with Adam Peck & Kelly Marie Peck

In this episode, my husband Adam & I chat all about choosing a path that has brought us closer to nature & ourselves.

We cover the inspiration & challenges that have arisen from choosing to live alternatively including…

✧ How our life of adventure began with a cycling trip in Cuba & how that adventure brought us close to the natural world & each other.

✧ Exploring & connecting with more ancient ways of being in Mexico & Guatemala.

✧ How the raw & natural beauty of Canada blew us away & ignited something deep within.

✧ Travel very much being a spiritual practice when we frame & approach it as so.

✧ Coming back to ‘normality’ & revisiting how we wanted our lives to be.

✧ Choosing van life & the transition into becoming full-time nomads.

✧ Living more simplistically & adopting a minimalist way of being.

✧ Breaking free from expectation & conditioning to empower ourselves to continue with choosing this lifestyle.

✧ Creating a business that is inspired by & gives back to nature, which for Adam is in the form of his organic clothing range Nature Threads.

✧ Our journey into parenthood & focusing on bonding, co-regulating & giving our soon-to-arrive little one a life of connection.

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❥ About Adam…

Adam Peck is a nature lover & adventurer with a passion for creativity in many forms from producing music to creating an organic clothing brand. His nomadic lifestyle has brought him closer to nature from which he has drawn inspiration to live life alternatively. You’ll usually find him up a mountain, on his surfboard or road-tripping.

❥ Books mentioned…

The World Beyond your Head by Matthew Crawford

The Case for Working with Your Hands (or why office work is bad for you & fixing things feels good) by Matthew Crawford

Stuffocation by James Wallman

❥ Your Host

Kelly Marie Peck is a Trauma-informed Cyclical Living & Embodiment Mentor who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, & embodying their unique blend of magic. Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, & embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with & heal themselves.

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Wild Souls Word – beautifully wild words on working with the cycles of nature, becoming more aware of energy, honouring all parts of ourselves, & bringing intuition into our every day.

Wildly Embodied Telegram Community – an intimate space for us to come together to explore the magic of energetics, work with nature’s cycles, lean into our intuition & root ourselves in love.

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