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S1 E6: Connecting with Nature, Spirit & Intuition Through Adventure – Part Two with Seanna Fallon

Wild Souls Podcast - Connecting with Nature, Spirit & Intuition through Adventure Part Two
Wild Souls Podcast
Wild Souls Podcast
S1 E6: Connecting with Nature, Spirit & Intuition Through Adventure - Part Two with Seanna Fallon

In part two of this two-part episode we welcome back breathwork facilitator, adventurer, runner & nature lover Seanna Fallon as she continues to share the incredible story of her epic 1000km solo hiking journey along the Israel National Trail.

In part one we delved into how the inner journey was even more adventurous than the tangible one & in this episode, we discover how this solo expedition was very much about Seanna continuing to follow her heart & soul, including…

✧ The first steps on the trail bringing lessons of resilience by not going to ‘plan’ at all.

✧ How the trail & her connection to it brought her closer to her lineage, to herself & to nature.

✧ How we are not, as humans separate from nature but in fact an integral part of it.

✧ How a scary situation whilst wild camping led her to trust herself completely & lean into her vulnerability.

✧ The vulnerability that continued to arise during her two months(!) of walking but rather than pushing away these feelings, alchemising them emotionally.

✧ Listening to herself when things got too much & saying yes to rest even when this meant going against what the adventure ‘should’ be.

✧ The internal changes that occurred & how this adventure has shone a spotlight on an intuitive calling.

✧ Meeting two mischievous porcupines one evening that left her in awe + our shared thoughts on the powerful messages that spirit animals bring.

✧ Coming back to ‘normality’ after forming a deep bond with not only the wild landscape of the trail but her wild within.

✧ Her fundraiser for LGBQTIA+ refugees

✧ What’s next for Seanna & how she’s continuing to make this year-long sabbatical one of self-expansion.

❥ Connect with Seanna

Instagram @seannasworld

You Tube @seannasworld6502

❥ Links…

Dive Deeper Retreat

Israel National Trail fundraiser for LGBTQIA+ refugees

Instagram @queerrunnings – virtual LGBTQIA+ Run Club

❥ About Seanna…

Seanna is a breathwork facilitator, an adventurer, a runner and a nature lover with a penchant for connection. Connection to the earth, to the universe, to each other & to ourselves.

These modalities & interests have helped her to overcome trauma, low self esteem & unhelpful thought patterns & allowed her to feel comfortable in her vulnerability & speaking her truth. She recently thru hiked the Israel National Trail – 1,000km trail across the holy land, where the inner journey was even more adventurous than the tangible one. She is now giving talks about overcoming adversity & stepping into your authentic self & letting your intuition guide you.

❥ Your Host

Kelly Marie Peck is a Trauma-informed Cyclical Living & Embodiment Mentor who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, & embodying their unique blend of magic. Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, & embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with & heal themselves.

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