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BONUS EPISODE: CYCLICAL LIVING – Working with Nature’s Cycles Live Workshop Recording (practices for exploring the Seasons, Celtic Wheel & the Lunar Cycles)

BONUS EPISODE Wild Souls Podcast - Working with Nature’s Cycles Series Live Workshop Recording
Wild Souls Podcast
Wild Souls Podcast
BONUS EPISODE: CYCLICAL LIVING - Working with Nature's Cycles Live Workshop Recording (practices for exploring the Seasons, Celtic Wheel & the Lunar Cycles)

This bonus episode rounds up mine & Becca Rose Guy’s series on working with nature’s cycles & is here to here to help you feel into the energies of the cycles.

Following our podcast series Becca & I hopped onto a Zoom workshop with attendees from The Missing Peace & Wildly Embodied communities & this episode is the live recording of our time together.

We’re bringing this to you today as a way to celebrate Imbolc, the Celtic start of Spring & like those who attended the workshop you’ll be guided through practices to connect with your intuition & explore what it means to honour yourself as a cyclical being.

Even if you don’t manage to listen to this episode on the 1st of February it’s a beautiful way to reflect on winter & welcome in the energetic light of spring.

Gift yourself this time – grab a journal & perhaps a lovely cup of tea whilst we guide you through…

✧ A visualisation journey which will enable you to create an energetic bridge with each season.

✧ An overview of the Celtic Wheel of the year… with a focus on moving from winter solstice to the cross-quarter point of Imbolc.

✧ A guided meditation to reflect upon & release any stagnant winter feelings before connecting with the illuminating energy of spring.

✧ An intuitive-led ‘breathe the moon’ breathwork practice.

✧ Open sharing & discussion with attendees throughout.

✧ The importance of building a pratice that is centered around trusting & strenghtening your intuition.

✧ More details of our Spring Magic Workshop which we have created to help you to work with the seasons & allow the powerful medicine of nature to encompass who you are & what you do.

❥ Links…

Working with Nature’s Cycles : Spring Magic Workshop (Saturday the 4th & Sunday the 5th of February)

The Celtic Wheel

❥ Becca Rose Guy…

Becca Rose Guy is host of The Missing Peace Podcast & her Substack community, in which she aims to inspire others to reconnect with themselves, & make peace with their mind, body & soul. Having spent most of her life looking for peace & happiness in everything external – from body image to work to travelling – she has learned now that these states are always here, within us. Connection is key. & in connecting to the cycles of nature, she has mastered how to calm her busy, anxious mind, which would like her to do everything perfectly all at once, whilst never letting her be good enough. The seasons have shown Becca a new (or ancient) way of living, & of the magic that is everywhere when we slow down enough to let it in. To move at our own pace, & in rhythm with the earth.

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❥ Your Host

Kelly Marie Peck is a Trauma-informed Reiki Practitioner & Embodiment Mentor who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, & embodying their unique blend of magic. Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, & embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with & heal themselves.

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