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BONUS EPISODE: A Meditation & Vibrational Sound Bath for the Heart + a Natter on Self-Love with Vic Blackshaw & Kelly Marie Peck

Wild Souls Podcast - BONUS EP A Meditation & Vibrational Sound Bath for the Heart + a Natter on Self-Love with Vic Blackshaw & Kelly Marie Peck
Wild Souls Podcast
Wild Souls Podcast
BONUS EPISODE: A Meditation & Vibrational Sound Bath for the Heart + a Natter on Self-Love with Vic Blackshaw & Kelly Marie Peck

This episode is a gift from my Soul Sister V & me to you… to heal the heart & promote self-love. It’s our way of reinventing Valentine’s Day & like love, is not just for one day but to be embraced all year round.

We begin with a short guided meditation, to connect at the heart centre & move into a live vibrational sound bath taking us deeper into loving frequencies. Think of this episode as a mini ritual, an invitation to connect with yourself.

To get the most out of our recording we’d recommend making yourself comfortable, setting your scene & popping some headphones in – for more help & to enchance your experience read this guide to online sound baths from V.

We finish up with a friendly self-love natter, between two friends who have both been on deep journeys of connection, love & intimacy including…

✧ Learning to love ourselves & connecting with the energy of what love is.

✧ The commercialisation of Valentine’s Day & how we can reclaim it in our own way.

✧ Harnessing the energy of love from within & how self-love sets that foundation for us.

✧ Focusing on self-love whilst in partnership & how this transforms shared love into a profound vibration.

✧ Understanding the difference between that which is coming from the heart & that which stems from our conditioning.

✧ How living life on your terms is the ultimate act of self-love.

✧ The collective strength that comes from claiming our own path.

✧ The fear that arises when we lead from the heart & working through the trauma that may surface when we choose ourselves.

✧ The messiness of the self-love journey & how to find flow when it comes to healing.

✧ Reducing the noise & empowering ourselves by listening to our inner guidance.

✧ Gratitude for this journey & our communities.

Please also see this non-exhaustive list of contraindications when you are considering sound therapy as a healing modality for your improved wellness.

❥ Connect with V…

Instagram @VWellnesshq

Facebook @VWellnesshq

LinkedIn: Vic Blackshaw


❥ About V…

V, or Vic, is the Founder of VWellness. After a huge life shift at the end of 2019, V carved out a new path dedicated to authenticity, sound healing, soul purpose & supporting her community. She believes in the human body’s natural ability to self-heal. She finds comfort & peace in nature, meditation, loose leaf tea, dancing, ceremony & music. V has also just become an end of life doula.

❥ More on VWellness…

VWellness is a small, multi-service health business with a focus on wellness & personal development. Our aim is to help you create space & strength to push past your fears & limiting beliefs in order to live a more authentic & holistic life. We run a variety of services with wellness at our core – women’s circles, mindfulness coaching, sound therapy & sacred ceremonies.

Sound Therapy Sessions with V

❥ Your Host

Kelly Marie Peck is a Trauma-informed Cyclical Living & Embodiment Mentor who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, & embodying their unique blend of magic. Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, & embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with & heal themselves.

❥ Stay Connected

Wild Souls Word – beautifully wild words on working with the cycles of nature, becoming more aware of energy, honouring all parts of ourselves, & bringing intuition into our every day.

Wildly Embodied Telegram Community – an intimate space for us to come together to explore the magic of energetics, work with nature’s cycles, lean into our intuition & root ourselves in love.

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